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Little Athletics Duty Roster

Current roster

Click to view the current duty roster (updated through to the end of the 2022-23 season)

Role Descriptions

Duty details including role overview and where/when to report


How was I chosen for a particular duty?

When you registered in ResultsHQ you would have answered a question regarding what volunteer duties you would be willing to help with at meets. The committee has then taken this data and placed people on the roster according to their preferences.

What if I can not undertake a rostered shift?

The roster is set up so that people can look ahead and easily plan for their duties. If you know you cannot undertake a rostered shift it is then your responsibility to find someone to cover for you or alternatively find someone on the roster to swap meets with.

Please do not contact the committee until you have tried both these options. If you have tried both of these options and cannot find anyone to cover you, we then encourage you to contact the committee to assist.

What if I am the regular chaperone for my groups?

If you are the regular chaperone for an age group and have a different rostered duty we still encourage you to undertake this. This may require other parents to step up and learn how to chaperone.

What if I am New to athletics or don’t understand what is required?

Anyone who is new to Athletics or has questions regarding their duties are encouraged to contact a committee member to learn what is required. All rostered duties have a description of requirements as well as a contact person to work alongside.

Why did the committee create a ‘Duty Roster’?

Little Athletics is a parent-run sport. There are simply not enough hands on deck to fulfil all the roles we need to run a meet safely and effectively without parents. We hope that by everyone performing a rostered duty that we can deliver the best experience possible for our athletes and their families.

I have a child with special needs?

If you have a child with special needs t hat needs supervision at all times, we encourage you to stay with them. In this case we would expect that a second parent or family/friend member could be organised to fulfil the rostered duty. If this is not the case, please contact us to let us know.

Will the roster leave groups without parent helpers?

As the roster is on a 4-weekly basis, groups should still have enough parent helpers. This will often give parents an opportunity before to try new responsibilities such as recording and measuring.

What do I do when it is not my week for a duty?

On weeks when you are not rostered on the Duty Roster we encourage you to help taking on group responsibilities such as chaperoning, recording, measuring and raking. We also encourage you to look out for any extra tasks people may need help with. If we all work together, things can move smoothly.

Our Family is not on the list, Why?

If your family is not on the list, there is a couple of explanations:

You have registered after the roster was created or you have been accidentally overlooked. If this is you we would appreciate you letting us know so you can be added to the roster in future.

If you have a TinyTot, as you already have a duty in assisting with the Tiny Tot program.

I would prefer to do something else can I change my duty?

We encourage families to fulfil their rostered responsibility. If you can't because of lack of qualifications or for another unforseen reasons, please contact us to try and change your family to a duty you can fulfil.

Why 4 Teams?

We have created four duty teams to space out family responsibilities over the season. You will only have a duty once every 4weeks. This also gives ample time for families to organise a replacement if needed.